Monday, March 22, 2004

Today's advice:

#1: Don't answer the phone during Survivor, even if you're taping it. If you're like me, you'll keep watching while you're talking, and not give your full attention anywhere. You could rewind the tape, but once you've seen who's voted off, who cares?

#2: Pay attention to when Survivor is airing. If you're like me, you'll miss an episode when they move it to a different night because of March Madness or whatever.

#3: Please, don't tell me to get TiVo. I'd just end up spending $ and watching more TV. But yes, I know – it would solve my Survivor problems.

#4: Don't discuss politics with the personal trainers at the gym. They tend to be former military guys – hence extremely conservative – and muscleheads – hence, well, stupid. Keep the conversation about fitness. At least that's an area they know what they're talking about. But more importantly, if they were to take a disagreement too personally, they could easily kick your ass.

#5: Don't order a chicken curry salad at Solley's Deli. Trust me.


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