Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two weeks later, I'm back.

See, I thought our show was done at the beginning of April. So as we wound down our season, I tried to get started on blogging again, thinking, when I was on hiatus, I'd be posting so much, I'd be the poster boy of posting.

Turns out, they kept me on for another week, and another after that. Also, I got hired on another show here. But just to help finish up the season. So I thought this Friday would be my last day. Today, they asked me to stay another week. Plus, the other show may start up and need me the following week.

And who am I to turn down work in this economy?

But I could really use some time off. I appreciate the suggestions in the comments on my last post, but the real reason I zonk out so much on the weekends isn't because of anything but lack of sleep during the week. This is why I need a vacation.

Still, I'm extremely glad someone out there is requesting my writing services. But I like to think there's a handful of bloggers left who might also want to read something I come up with... perhaps they won't give me too many notes.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Got outta work early, came home.
Got up, went to a party, had fun, came home.
Slept. But only, like, 4 hours.

Got up early and ran race. Lightning fast.
Slept. In car.
Went to the track, lost money, drove home.
Went out for Chinese food, walked off the kung pao, came home.
Got up to read and watch dumb TV.
Slept. For, like, 14 hours.

Made coffee and pancakes.
Went to farmer's market. Got strawberries and arugula. Came home.
Ran errands, went out for Mexican food, came home.
Woke up, tried to read while my wife watched dumbest TV show ever.
(Celebrity Apprentice. Brain cell-killing freak show.)
Slept. Despite nightmares of Melissa River's plast-o-mask with Donald Trump's rug, was catching Z's for a good 8 hours.

Notice a pattern here?
You'd think I was well-rested, but last night I zonked out by 10:00.
Man, I need a vacation.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Time is money. And lately, my mind is on both.

Time: I'm doing a 5K race soon, and when I ran this course last time, I set a personal best of a few seconds under 21 minutes. So I was wondering if I can do, say, 20:30. Well, I was at the gym with only a half hour to spare, so I got on the treadmill and did a 3.1 mile sprint. Just under 20 minutes. Really? Of course, running a race is totally different. But still, I'm torn between thinking I'm gonna kick ass at this 5K and being positive that those machines are completely inaccurate.

Money: Today, I finally got my California tax refund check. Coincidentally, tomorrow, I'm going to the track.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good news: Our show got picked up for another season, and I'll be going back.
Bad news: That means more ridiculously long hours and even weekend work.
Good news: Hey it's a job. And a good one. In this economy, I'm super lucky.
Bad news: You realize reality TV is cheap which is why networks prefer it.
Good news: That sounds like good news for me.
Bad news: But what about the viewers, man?!
Good news: Hey, I write quality stuff.
Bad news: Whatever. Striving for this so-called quality has worn me out.
Good news: Well, anyway, I get a hiatus from work.
Bad news: When?
Good news: Uh... soon?
Bad news: And when do I go back?
Good news: Later...
Bad news: Can I really afford to be out of work for any amount of time?
Good news: Maybe.
Bad news: Do I know anything?
Good news: Well, I know that I plan to get a lot of things done during the hiatus.
Bad news: Yeah, right. Like what?
Good news: Well, I'm proud that I've kept up the exercise...
Bad news: But all my creative energy went toward the quality on the boob tube.
Good news: So now I can focus on other endeavors.
Bad news: When? I don't even know if and when I'll get a hiatus.
Good news: Okay, fine, I'll get going regardless of whether I have time off.
Bad news: Yeah, right. What am I gonna do?
Good news: Well, for starters, I could get back to blogging.
Bad news: Sure, more "quality" writing.

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