Monday, February 16, 2009

Why is it that the Valentine's Day dinner I prepared -- while it tasted delicious -- doesn't look as good as it does in the cookbooks?

Chicken saltimbocca, theirs vs. mine
IMG_2780 IMG_2795

Cherry gingerbread, on paper and in real life.
IMG_2774 pgb

Maybe because I'm no Giada Di Laurentiis, even in my wife's apron...
gdl IMG_2790

Monday, February 02, 2009

Blog identity crisis:
• Haven't seen my nephew in a week. Going to stop by tonight; he should be double in size by now. Baby blog.
• On Saturday I slept late and watched my new favorite show, "Spectacular Spider-Man". Awesome. How do I get in on that gig? Animation blog.
• That night, I took Adelphia to Primitivo, a tapas restaurant in Venice. Really good short ribs, paella, tuna tartare and arugula salad. Alas, no pictures. Or further descriptions. Foodie blog.
• Afterwards, went to a cool wine store that's not well-promoted and thus, completely empty. So we went to The Other Room, a wine bar that's way too crowded with punks in porkpie hats celebrating their 24th birthday. Boozy blog. Business blog. Born in the '80s blog.
• I ran a 10K and did well, but couldn't beat my personal best. Running blog.
• My wife ran the 5K. I was extremely impressed. I'm not gonna worry that if she keeps this up, she might outpace me. Spousal-rivalry blog.
• So the Steelers won. Right? Football blog.
• Was it me or did the post-Superbowl episode of "The Office" seem like that show might be jumping the shark? I enjoyed the reference to "The Comedy Central Celebrity Roast channel", but Dwight eviscerating a CPR dummy? Ahh, maybe I was just tired. TV critic blog.
• Weekend highlight: I made these lemon bars from scratch using our new blender and food processor. They came out delicious. Okay, I'm not eliminating the possibility of a baking blog.

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