Friday, April 23, 2004

To the clever ad execs out there:

I understand it's important to create product awareness in any way possible, buying space on buses, internet side banners, etc.

Or even on the little stickers they put on apples. I'm assuming that keeps the cost down for us consumers. I'll take off a tiny label and wash off the yucky stickum if it means paying a dime less per apple. And before the consumer takes a bite, he or she can be reminded – hey, why not wash this healthy fruit down with a Coke? Or, wouldn't you rather have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? You'd look cool eating this snack while wearing some Tommy Hilfiger cargo pants. Buy the latest laptop from Macintosh!

But don’t you think certain commercial tie-ins are simply a bad idea? Namely,

Snow White
An Enchanting New Musical

Uh, as I recall the story, didn't Snow White eat a POISON APPLE?!

So, eat this apple and you'll go into some coma and could only be rescued by some pretty boy or a septet of misfits?

I dunno – is that association completely ridiculous? Am I simply over thinking this? Or maybe you ad execs aren't thinking enough…


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