Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I got lucky this morning. I was sitting outside at the coffee shop, writing, brainstorming a brilliant super-genius earth-shattering idea, when I heard a woman say, "Sir?"

She wasn’t talking to me. (I didn't get lucky that way this morning, if that's where your mind is at.) She was shouting at the Dept. of Transportation bicycle cop across the street. He was wearing his little shorts and D.O.T. shirt and had his little electronic ticket pad out. She was trying to let the guy know that she'd move her car. But with all the traffic on Bundy Drive, he couldn't hear her. I got up and shouted out, too: "SIR!" The guy looked up.

She glanced over and thanked me. I didn't have the heart to tell her that my car was parked ahead of hers, and he'd be writing me up next. I would've been happy to help her get the cop's attention, but it was partially – OK, mostly – self-motivated.

I knew it was after eight and they'd start ticketing, but I wanted to finish my inspired thought. The cop yelled back, "Too late." Once they whip out that electro-pad, you're whipped. I figured, well, if it's too late, might as well not bother. No sense rushing over there. Even if was planning to go to the gym, now I'm not budging. I was working on a million-dollar idea; what's a thirty-eight buck (or more?) ticket?

Then I realized he was talking to her. Poor thing. She ran over there, which seemed futile to me, but hey, it's her car.

I shouted to the guy that I'd move, too, and he stopped what he was doing. He stood there waiting, I guess making sure I really was gonna come over and pay the meter or drive off or something, not wait 'til he's pumped his pedals away from the scene and then sit back down and sip my red eye – "Psyche!". So I shoved my laptop and everything into my case and dashed across the street, spilling coffee all over the crosswalk, and saved myself a parking ticket.

But was I really lucky? I didn't get to save that brilliant idea onto my computer, and I don't remember what it was.

All I can tell you -- certainly wasn't this blog entry.


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