Friday, May 28, 2004

Paris Hilton doesn't star in The Day After Tomorrow. Neither does Lindsay Lohan. But maybe D12 and Eminem are on the soundtrack. What could be the lyrics? "These chicks don't even know the world is kaput / Another ice age? They'll just buy more Ugg boots." Do you think if the earth's climate changes, there will be continue to be other animals? Like a beaver or a dingo or an anaconda? Maybe it'll be beautiful, like Fantasia – I meant the old Disney movie, not that girl from American Idol. If people are unable to survive, then there won't be name-dropping weird-reference Google-baiting bloggers like me. But until that day arrives: Snoop Dogg Mandy Moore gerbil Donald Rumsfeld digital cameras South Park chimpanzee Franz Ferdinand Fahrenheit 911 chicken finger lickin good.


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