Thursday, June 24, 2004

I haven't posted in a few days 'cause I've been too busy. I found the time to comment on everyone else's sites -- who could resist talk about masturbation, dating co-workers and sizing up body parts -- but to compose anything new, I'm too scatterbrained now.

I dropped a stack of papers on the floor a few hours ago, and fuck it, I'm not picking them up. Let 'em sit there, strewn across the office carpet like a deck of oversized cards. 5200 Pick-up! I don't care anymore. I could organize them into a nice array of stacks, just to have another influx, a forest's worth of white bond, to be sorted in and shred my hands with papercuts. That's how I dropped them in the first place.

The paperwork in this office is over-fucking-whelming. I'm not a damn file clerk – I've got work that's a little more challenging than that, but it's gotten to the point that that's what I'm consumed with all day. A monkey can do this. Sort those papers, monkey-boy! I'm building sandcastles against the tide – as soon as I got some kind of order to it going, swoosh! – another wave of bullshit correspondence, agreements, e-mails, etc. No, it's like the post office. Like the mail, this crap never stops. I won't go postal on anyone, but if I don't get outta here soon, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

When I started here I told my boss not to do double-filing. A work file and a regular file is a redundant waste. But no, I was told, it makes things easier, in case something goes missing. Like my sanity. Now the office is overrun with files that are so fat they look like they were painted by Fernando Botero, too obese to fit in the drawers, and the boss asked me – could I spend some time and maybe thin out the files? Jesus. I'm not the Jenny Craig of Filemakers. This is ridiculous.

Sigh... Just needed to vent.

I'm trying to get my act in gear to get the hell outta this job. I finally got a working version of my résumé together, with a lot more fiction you'd find in one of my blog entries. And I've been making calls and schmoozing and finding out what's out there, but this could take a while. So I'll keep plugging away at the job search, and get back to writing new blog entries.

But I'm not picking up those fucking papers.


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