Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Do you like Macy Gray?

I don’t have any of her albums. Couldn’t tell you a single single of hers. But I do know the effect her music has on women.

It makes them sing along. Adorably.

I once took a date to a weekend brunch with some friends, and as we pulled up to the place, a Macy Gray song came on my car radio. "Oh, turn this up!" she said, and started humming along. By the chorus she was swaying her arms and crooning loud in a big smile, showing off that tongue-piercing with every lyric. So damn cute.

Unfortunately, at brunch, she felt a need to interrupt everyone to complain about the restaurant or chew with her mouth open. There were a bunch of other annoying habits, too. But didn’t need to see that metal stud in those circumstances.

I just thought of her ‘cause as I was driving home today, I heard that Macy Gray song coming from another car stereo. There was another female voice accompanying Macy, so I looked over. A pretty woman in a convertible was serenading the rest of the traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard. Cosmopolitan-looking, sunglasses on, bopping to the beat, and fiddling for something down at her car seat without missing a note.

I pulled up next to her at the light and tried to brainstorm something clever to say. Think, Mike, think! Hmmm... don’t you love that Macy Gray? Uh, got any grey poupon? Think, dammit.

She saw me staring, gave me a smile mid-verse and found what she was looking for. From her car seat, I mean. Cosmo girl came up with a cigarette and lighter. She sparked her Virginia Slim, and so I slammed on my gas pedal and peeled away.

Don’t smoke, gals. It might ruin your Macy Gray duet voice.


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