Thursday, July 22, 2004

Last week I posted a cartoon about my job in England, and mentioned that the sarcastic slasher, Nicola, proved the pen is mightier than the Freddy Kruger finger-swords when she concocted some sketchings of yours truly. Back then, the Underground seemed to go on strike anytime the conductors got an upset stomach from watercress sandwiches or kidney pie. And that gave me the day off from commuting down to the British Rail station into Kent. So instead of weighing out tiny milligrams of compounds on the balance at the lab, I got to roam jolly ol' London all day.

I realize it's very disconcerting to see yourself in a cartoon -- you wear a T-shirt plugging a NY radio station and that's how they'll remember you... and I swear I never looked anything like these depictions... especially since they seem to alter between Nicola's pages and those drawn by her friend Elaine. But it is a rare compliment for me to be considered "well-balanced". Enjoy.


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