Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Three reasons Mikey's happy today:

1. I bought a new bike over the weekend. Donated my old touring Trek and went to Sports Chalet and got a great Mongoose something-or-other mountain bike, 21 gears, gel seat, front shocks, etc., for a really good price. It’ll give me a break from running – just too damn hot out lately – but where will I keep this thing in my apartment? Running shoes don’t take up as much room...

2. The American League won the All-Star Game. I normally couldn’t care less about this stupid exhibition match. Last year, people whined because there was no winner after they used up all the players and it was still tied after like, 17 innings. Quitcherbitchin. You got to see every single All-Star take the field. Who gives a shit who wins this thing? In 2004, it was declared, "This one counts" – the winner gets homefield advantage in the World Series. Big whoop. I still didn’t care. Until Nick at work called and bet me on it. He thought National League would win. Sucka figured the 500-club outfield would make a difference. Or maybe it was former Yankees Clemens and Pettite on the mound. But they’re going up against present Yankees Jeter, Sheffield, Matsui, Giambi... and some good players from the Red Sox et al. I should’ve upped Nick’s piddling bet – one dollar – that doesn’t pay for a spoke on my new bike. But it's the principal, not principle. Can’t wait to go into the office and say, "Where mah money, bee-otch?!"

3. I’m going out drinkin’ tonight.


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