Monday, September 06, 2004

5 things that made me laugh this weekend:

1. I collided with another guy running on the beach. No one was hurt. But it happened in front of a really hot bikini chick. Neither of us was watching where we were going.
2. My friends and I watched the first season of Chapelle's Show on DVD. "The Mad Real World", Paul Mooney... That shit's high-larious.
3. Later that evening, we went out to Coffee Bean. I had never tried the ice-blended white chocolate frappucino before -- sounded good. I ordered it and asked the guy behind the counter (a black guy, if that helps this story) if I could get it with no coffee, no whipped cream. He said that's what they call a "Pure White Chocolate". Funny, I said. That's what the girls call me. He laughed, which made me laugh. When my drink was ready, he said, "Enjoy, PWC."
4. There's a gay porno theatre I drive past on Santa Monica Boulevard which always has movies with brilliant titles. The newest one is "Rim with a View". But my all-time favorite title is still "Tastes Like Chicken".
5. I had dinner with some writer friends, discussing the zany agents we've had. My friend's rep is named Lou. Lou -- perfect name for an agent. My friend said Lou is in fact a stereotypical agent. Has little brash comments for any occasion. When my friend broke his leg skiing, the agent said, "That's why I don't go. Skiing kills more Jews than Hitler." Lou also calls up my friend and hits him with schmoozy superlative statements: "How's my favorite client?" or "There he is -- the best-looking writer in Hollywood!" That's the line that made me laugh, 'cause everyone knows that title belongs to me.


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