Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I love Spanish television. I usually have Telemundo or Univision going in the background, especially on the weekends, 'cause "Sábado Gigante" is one of my favorites. It's a variety show with skits, interviews, games, and musical performances. They do their own commercials, too. Some charming caballero in a suit and some hot chiquita in a slinky dress holds up the product -- low enough that you can still see her cleavage -- and they announce something like, "¡Con Wisk, sus pantalones están limpios!" My Spanish is rusty, but that either means it'll clean your jeans, or check out the rack on this spicy Latina. The audience even knows all the words to the jingles and sings along with the show's host, Don Francisco: "Captain Crunch... Crunchberries... ¡qué deliciosos!"

Know what else? Beisbol been beddy beddy good to me. I love rooting against the home team. I was the only one in my section at Dodger Stadium cheering when the Padres beat 'em tonight. Though I do root for Shawn Green of the Dodgers (hit 2 homers today), 'cause... how often does you see a Member of the Tribe on the diamond? There's him and Gabe Kapler... two Jews in baseball. That's all that's allowed. In history, there's been Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax, Rod Carew the convert... and now two at the same time? It's a golden age for athletic-Semitism.

Don Francisco is Jewish, too. Don’t mean to pull another Adam Sandler Chanukah Song version and out my non-Gentile brethren, but, who would expect that señor to be part of the Kosher clan? I mean... a Jewish entertainer?!

I’m throwin’ out some random thoughts for now ‘cause may be busy for a little while and take another blogging break. I may not, but if I do, I wouldn’t want anyone to worry. The time off would be for a variety of reasons... uh, you could chalk it up to the high holidays. So to my bar- & bat-mitzvah buddies, l’shanah tovah. To Don Francisco, prospero año felicidad. And to everyone, hasta luego, amigos.


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