Sunday, September 26, 2004

Some unsolicited advice from Mikey:
1. Girls, don't flake on a guy. If you make plans with him, and then cancel at the last minute for a pretty lame reason ("I'm kinda tired..."), he may not call you again for a very long time.
2. Guys, sometimes if you don't call a girl for a very long time, then when you do, she may be so happy to hear from you, she'll say, "Oh, I don't care, I'll do whatever you want to do."
3. Oh, the possibilites... Yeah, but as much as you wanna take that invitation to its depraved raunchy extreme, there's a good chance of her flaking again, so keep it simple. Like checking out a movie you're anxious to see.
4. However, taking a girl to a comedy/horror flick is not always a great idea. Sure, you might crack up at the main character slacker dude being oblivious to the living dead walking around, but the girl will sit there in the theatre with no more than a faint smile and say, "No, it's okay, I can appreciate why you're enjoying this." Afterwards, she'll be cool with it, but in the future, she may say she wants to take you to a movie she likes. And if you're like me, you suspect sitting through something likeThe Notebook would be more painful than zombies eating your flesh.
5. Still, check out Shaun of the Dead. You'll find it hilarious & brilliant... if it's your kinda thing.


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