Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My favorite thing about voting, besides participating in the democratic process and the fun of filling in bubbles (it’s like a coloring book – stay inside the lines!), is that I get to see who my neighbors are. All these people reside within a few blocks of me? What a buncha weirdos. Only a friggin’ wacko would live in my ‘hood.

Actually, among the very long line of people, I couldn’t help but notice a lotta cuties. Yes, I know I should be mulling over Prop This and Prop That, but gimme my props -- I can be patriotic and patronize da ladies all at the same time.

Being a NYer who hates to drive, I’m thinking hey, these are local gals. A booty call would only be a few blocks away. And if it hopefully got serious, and we moved in together, well, bringing over my couch & clothes & DVD collection wouldn’t be that much of a schlep.

But what if the relationship goes south? Do I gotta move back east? Hell, no. Once I made the mistake of dating a woman in my apt. complex -- shat where I ate, so to speak -- and that was bad. But I hadn’t seen any of these women before; if we broke up, we’d probably only have that awkward run-in during the next election.

Turnout this year was amazing; I was in line for at least 45 minutes, which gave me plenty of time to chat up the petite thang next to me. Damn, she was adorable. Raspy little voice and tons of energy. And importantly, we were voting the same way. Quietly, we expressed our optimism about change in the near future… politically, and maybe personally?

Got in my vote and afterwards, got her digits. Yeah, things are lookin’ up.


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