Thursday, December 09, 2004

Once upon a time, there was this kid named Mike. Goofy young teenager with braces, couldn't comb his reddish hair right or even roll up his sleeves properly. And his chanukah presents that year were pretty lame.

Until he opened up a gift from his parents and found... a dog dish and a leash. There was also a keychain with that read, "I ♥ MY GOLDEN RETRIEVER".

"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Mom and Dad?"

Mike always wanted a dog, and sure enough, he got one. The greatest puppy in the world: Max.

Being a rambunctious teenager, Mike played a bit too rough with Max that winter, throwing snowballs at the little guy...

Tossing him into snowdrifts...


Max didn't mind. But when Mike put him to work shoveling the driveway, enough was enough.

Max marched up to his maniacal master...

...and CHOMP! Bit Mike's finger off. OW!

Mike felt bad. He apologized to Max, and using his remaining nine fingers, gave the little guy a hug.

The two learned to play nice. (Besides, Mike couldn't throw a snowball properly with his missing digit, and Max thought it didn't taste as good as a rawhide anyway.) They grew up together through many winters, best of friends.

Happy holidays from Mike and Max.


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