Thursday, April 07, 2005

On my recent SCUBA trip in Antigua, I knew I'd be lucky if my disposable camera pics came out at all, if not grainy and murky. And all the best sea monsters were seen on the first, deeper expedition. A couple of the other divers used fancy digicams, with a strong plastic casing protecting their megapixels from 70-something feet of saltwater pressure. These amateur photogs said they'd e-mail me some of the better images. But after a few weeks, I gave up hope that I would submoige victorious with clear evidence of what I done seen.

Then last week, out of the blue, one of these skilled shutterbugs sent me some snapshots -- awesome reminders of our adventure. Thanks, George.

S'il vous plaƮt, let us make another rendezvous in ze beautiful briny.

Beaucoup petits poissons! Formidable!

(Zat means many leetle feeshies. And... eh... formidable.)

Attendez! Wait! Un barracuda!

Let us swim away from zis angry, unmoving... tres ugly fish.

Bon jour, flounder. You hide against ze ocean floor, but I see you...

You too, Monsieur Ray. You sneaky cartilaginous creature...

Eet ees mon amie, ze lobster. Ziss colorful crustacean looks as scrumptious as she tastes -- avec a leetle garlic et butter...

Dehzz yehr nurse shark bite? ...Non, but zat ees not my nurse shark.

Zut alors! I wish we could stay. Oh well, c'est la vie. Au revoir!


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