Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Favorite 10 Posts out of 200
(in chronological order)

The Pumpkin Story -- One of my more notorious stories, perhaps for its disgusting subject matter. I was particularly proud of the fact that I related a tale told to me by someone else, with the intended effect of nausea and fear of fall foods. For other gross-outs, see Bathroom Etiquette 1 and 2 (also told to me by someone else).

Internal Dialogue -- This started out discussing a few of my favorite things: Vegas, the craps table, and rollin’ dem bones. But then the other body parts joined the fray, illustrating an ongoing battle. The first and fastest of some not-so-imaginary conversations (Yankees Playoffs, Fashion Police).

ER -- Weirdos: The staple of any good character study. Makes me almost wanna get injured more often. Other nutjobs or jerks are featured in Shoot! and Pighead & Ratchet.

Ginormous -- My other notorious post. Hey, I have no delusions of grandeur. But it’s all true, baby. Sex is fun & relationships are tricky and they're both fun & tricky to write about. But I also liked how the stories came out with Deirdre and Heath & the Hot Piece.

Snyder -- That damn spider and his brood are still out to get me. At the time, I wished I had a camera to capture what I had seen, but I’m less fond of posts that rely on a cartoon or photo to illustrate the story. It was challenging to describe the spectacle and the fascination and fear invoked by that arachnid-from-Hell. I engaged in other battles against nature in I Gotta Move and Mikey’s Adventure at Sea.

Oedipalookaville -- I got lotsa stories about my dad. This one showed some of our father-son static, which only strengthened my love for the ol’ man. Strange note: the fictional name I chose for my childhood friend was coincidentally the name of some American guy wanted for murder in Denmark. I got some interesting comments and google hits on that post. On a lighter note about Punchin’ Pops, there’s Customs. And despite what I said about posts with cartoons and photos, I liked Dad & Mike Go to the Arctic.

Pop and Pup -- Another Dad story, but also my favorite chapter of March Max Madness or any tales about my golden retriever. I had had a different entry for that day, called "Attention Deficit Dog", but I didn’t like how it came out. I thought of editing the story, but then decided to quickly bang out a new one, which was the best of the series. Other favorites are Oy! Bad Boy! and Stunt-Dog Max. I’ll probably fix ADD and post it and write other shaggy dog stories in the future. How can you go wrong with that lovable doofus?

Storytelling -- There were a lot of mini-anecdotes to it, but they added up to the purpose of relating them in the first place. So I can share 'em with the grandkids of me and the future Mrs. aka Dushku. Like I said, all my stories are true... or will be. Yearbook Photo covered a similar subject -- cartooning, and its purpose in getting revenge on high school wiseasses.

Why I Like -- and Hate -- Guns N’ Roses (Part 2) -- Another story told to me, but I threw myself into the mix, how that Crackerboy Axl Rose got indirectly personal with me... I dealt with my sister in Kaddish, and had a music celebrity sighting in Hammer and... my sister and I had a celebrity sighting in Julie's Grace and... man, even though this is a sneaky way to cheat and list other posts, trying to categorize 'em is a pain... Glad I'm almost done...

Ditzy -- Maybe I included this because it was a humorous miscommunication, maybe because I wrote it right after it happened, or maybe I just like poking fun of my friends. Like in Mike and Mike and the Stairs and Energy. (Chi-nese Food! Chi-nese Food!)


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