Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good news: I’m trying to get back into working for television.

Bad news: My resume is heavy on corporate stuff.

Good news: I wrote a bio to go with the resume. It explains more about me, what I’ve done, how I’m always writing, being creative, even while working corporate crap. The bio builds me up, but with the right dose of self-deprecating humor. All in one page.

Bad news: Some places don’t give a shit.

Good news: The ones that do, loved it. It’s gotten me a couple of meetings.

Bad news: They’re just meetings, to get to know me, not so much interviews.

Good news: Still, the people I’ve met seem anxious to bring me in and work with me.

Bad news: One of those jobs is in Silver Lake. That’s gonna be a bitch of a drive.

Good news: The other’s in Santa Monica. Hell, I could bike to work.

Bad news: It’s still just a lot of talk.

Good news: But I have friends at the Santa Monica job. They put in a good word for me.

Bad news: Or did they?

Good news: Yeah, they probably did. Just in case, I’ll bribe ‘em some more.

Bad news: But I’m not gonna have enough money if I get this job. It pays less, it’s project-to-project, hence no real security, and I don’t think it has any benefits.

Good news: What, am I gonna be a corporate stooge forever? Just for some stability? And “benefits”? Like my health insurance? The bills from a routine check-up have gone to collection. My PPO covers me like a thong. And the doctor wanted me to come in for a follow-up this summer. Yeah, I can afford $700+ just to be told I’m healthy, but maybe don’t drink so much espresso. Blue Cross can kiss my caffeinated ass.

Bad news: Wasn’t that bad news up above?

Good news: It doesn’t matter. Who can keep this shit straight when writing on company time?

Bad news: That might get me fired.

Good news: Fine. I should be working in television anyway.


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