Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bags, aka R*affi, had this e-mail exchange with me regarding his short film:

Bags: Yo Mike, do you mind if I use your face on the cover of the DVD? Here's a mock-up...

Michael: Go ahead, but my mopey mug ain't gonna move 'em off the video shelves.

B: The Swedish women's bikini team just ordered a dozen copies based solely on the one-sheet.

M: Why you buttering me up? What, you need me for reshoots or something?

B: No, I'm almost done with the mix. By the way, I'm billing you as your character name: "Michael Mark*ham as himself". That way you can keep your anonymity when you talk about the film on your weblog.

M: Aha. That's your angle.

B: Hey, we could use the publicity...

M: Okay dude, but I think you overestimate my readership.


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