Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Got the gig.

About a month ago, I was applying and submitting samples to write for a TV show...remember that? Probably not, 'cause I included the story in the midst of a bunch of other convoluted stuff... but that's how it's done among us television writers.

Yeah, last week, I followed up with a producer who's been very helpful all summer toward getting me in there. I asked about the status of writing voice-over lines part-time via e-mail, as we had discussed. She said she thinks they hired a post-production crew for that. Although, she said, "You are very talented and the perfect person for this, if it becomes available." Okay, but if it doesn't, that compliment and a buck-fifty buys me a cuppa coffee or a thimbleful of gas.

But the next day she said they did wanna hire me for this. Crazy biz, man.

It's not a lotta $, but it's part time, I can still keep my day job (and look for yet another TV gig). I can do this writing at night (though I actually did a lot of it at the day job -- ssh!).

I'm hoping it'll get my foot in the door at the network. All the people I've met have been totally cool, especially the post production crew with whom I'll be working closely. I went down yesterday evening to view the footage as they edited it together.

And this morning, I sent in my VO lines for the first set of episodes. I'm a little nervous -- what if I missed the mark? Got the whole thing wrong and their voice-over to me will be, "sorry, this just isn't working out"?

On the other hand... I had gone to the offices last week to fill out the paperwork and ran into my friend who works there, on a different show. He introduced me to yet another producer, told her about my new position.

"Oh," she said, "last season's VOs were pretty... punny."

My friend looked at me and smiled, saying, "Well..."

I finished the sentence for him. "That's what I do."


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