Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hi kids. How you doin’?

Hopefully better than me. I’m friggin’ sick. Ever hear of pharyngitis? It’s an inflammation of the pharynx, probably a viral infection. Kinda like strep... makes your throat so swollen, it hurts to swallow, which makes it hard to eat or drink fluids to fight off the fever associated with it.

Ever since I got back from San Francisco, I’ve been an achy miserable mess. I don’t know what it is in ’05 -- I’ve gotten ill so many times. Maybe I’m not eating right, or maybe it’s from hanging around so many different people, or maybe I’m making up for not catching anything for over 3 years.

The doctor gave me a cortisone shot for the swelling and antibiotics pills but so far they haven’t done anything. They offered me Vicodin, but I turned it down -- addictive pain-relievers are for wussy movie stars. Plus I don’t need to feel any more disoriented than I already do.

I want to write about my roadtrip to the Bay, the lesbian wedding I attended, all the heavy drinking parties (nah, that had nothing to do with me getting sick), and of course, meeting the fellow bloggers in Ghiradelli Square. But it might be a while. I’m gonna go lay down again.


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