Monday, August 29, 2005

Blogland’s Most Wanted -- Special Report
Overdue report prepared by undercover FBI (Fellow Blogger Intermingler)

Goes by several aliases -- Inanna, Peaches, NannerPeach, NannerBelle, West Virginia Witchy Woman -- don’t let her beauty, brains and beads fool you, this MILF is deadly with a rifle, if you’re a poor deer frolicking through the forest. Or a shotgun, if you’re a video zombie from “House of the Dead”.

Random Aimee
Spotted all over California, from the Bay area to Santa Barbara (also by field agents in Kansas City and Chicago). Another hot mama with a huge heart, but lethal with knitting needles, random thoughts, and a high-powered snort.

Known associate of Random Aimee and NannerPeach.
Reportedly weak with a golf club, but definitely disarming with a well-told joke, as evidenced here in surveillance photos.
ajsu1 ajsu2

The NiceHat Gang
Members: Newlyweds Jeanette and Tony. Trustworthy drivers in the Anaheim area, but enjoyed issuing threats of Disneyland devirginization.
pchsjntfsh jntnyfsh
With help of NannerPeach, rumored to make others sleep with the fishes… or at least take photos of them.

Many of these above bloggers have close ties to the Texas Mafia. Phone-taps reveal conversations with Lone Star State local boss Brighton. And photos reveal the NiceHat Gang's too-tall twosome talking to consigliere and presidential candidate Trashman.

The Baby Gooch Posse
The cherubic-cheeked bad boy boss has often been spotted with an unnamed henchman, known to present clever observations and relive his frat-boy past. The posse has been mostly underground as they are suspected to be moving their hideout to somewhere in the OC.
bgag gooch
Experts believe that since these photos were taken in June, Baby Gooch may have doubled in size, due to his voracious appetite. He’s reputed to devour just about anything, including trying to eat this undercover photographer’s camera.
bge bgr


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