Friday, August 26, 2005

Director aka Cop aka Bags: Mike, what are you looking at? Something wrong with the jib overhead? The camera?
Patient aka Mike: No, you got me a friggin’ gurney. Where else am I gonna look but up?
Producer aka Doctor aka Pablo: Oh, I thought we were all just praying this movie turns out okay.

Salesman aka Rich Skidmore (who, btw, has appeared numerous times on the Jimmy Kimmel Show): Hey, of course this movie’ll turn out great! Have you read Bags’ brilliant script?
Nurse aka Graciela: If I kiss Bags’ ass, can I get a bigger part, too?

Fellow office drone aka Adam: Hey Bags, when and where will this short film be playing, anyway?
Director of photography aka Kevin: Yeah, hurry up and answer. My arms are getting tired.
Bags: Well, it’s funny you should ask... and Mike, be sure to blog this:

At the 2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival , "CONSUMED" is playing in the program: "Fragments of Sunset Strip" at the Arclight Cinemas on Saturday, September 10, 10:00PM.

Mike: Okay, I blogged it. But what am I getting myself into...?


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