Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The middle of the week is a little crazed for me lately. I get my videotapes for the TV show late late Monday evening, hours after the day job. I’m tired by then, but I still try to watch ‘em that night, though sometimes have to finish viewing early in the morning. I prefer to have already seen ‘em before I wake up, ‘cause I think better after my AM caffeine rush, but it ain’t always the case.

Either way, I tend to only get a few hours sleep that night. Tuesday I come up with most of the voice-over stuff…dashing out ideas before the sun comes up… mull it over all day at work, tweak it that night in my groggy state, and give it a last look Wednesday morning before submitting ‘em from the office where I pretend to be swamped with their stuff. Sometimes I e-mail ‘em in sooner just to get it over and done with.

I’d like to say I always get a feeling of satisfaction for having created such utter brilliance, but with this raunchy stuff, I never know... For example, this week there was this guy who ruins his chances with a chick ‘cause he couldn’t remember the words to the national anthem.

Joe didn’t know -- and won’t get to show -- his rocket’s red glare. Or, Our flag is star spangled, but his flagpole will stay dangled.

I go for a run, come back sweaty and scruffy, the VOs still playing through my head, until I decide: Eh, they haven’t fired me yet.


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