Thursday, October 20, 2005

Questions... and answers

If I’ve still got a few weeks’ work to do on the TV show, why did we have a wrap party last night?
They wrapped shooting. It celebrated the end of production, even if we in post- are still at it, entrenched in writing and editing.

Did I do a lot of schmoozin’?
Yes. And boozin’. And any second now my lunch I’ll be losin’.

Why did I drink so much?
The editors kept offering me tequila shots. How could I say no? Poor suckahs are usually stuck in a room toiling away… they needed to let loose. Same as me.

So those of us who still have work to do… were the biggest lushes in the joint?
Yes. Is there a point to that question?

I’ll ask again: Why did I drink so much?
Sigh… ‘cause I’m an idiot.


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