Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV gig update:

As you may remember, I thought I was on shaky ground earlier because I was writing punny voice-over lines for this show, but didn’t know the producers wanted them racy. So I aimed to sleaze, launched the raunch, crescendoed the innuendoes. And everyone was happy.

Except the censors.

Last week Gene (the new post-production guy who took over for Jasper) told me that while he and the executive producer love my lecherous little lines, they can’t always get them approved. So I should have some clean alternatives. Okay. I'd write a quip about G-strings, and another that’s G-rated.

Today Gene tells me: Forget the dirty ones altogether. I guess they lost the battle with the censors and John Q. TiVo is safe from smut once again. So now I’m back to the silly innocuous puns. Whatever you want, dude, just keep me on the payroll.

I don’t make a dime blogging, but at least I can write whatever the hell I want here. And if any of you motherfuckers don’t like it, you can shove it innuendo.


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