Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five little things that make me happy:

1. I saw King Kong last night -- excellent. To nit-pick, it was too long (over 3 hours) -- too much set-up (we get it: there was a Depression in the ‘30s), but once they got to the island... wow. Incredible sequences, some of which are my repeated nightmares in movie form, and I don’t mean Jack Black’s over-the-top performance. But I really liked Naomi Watts -- less screamy than Fay Wray and less ditzy than Jessica Lange -- she oughta get an Oscar nomination... also the makeup & effects people... and not just for the ape and dinosaurs and other monsters, but the fact that Naomi’s lipstick and mascara never got ruined.

2. I got some praise from a respected writer friend. I had just finished a section I felt good about, so I hesitantly shared it, knowing he’d be brutally honest, but he “got it” -- he said he really appreciated the way I interspersed the dialogue and narration, provided information without being expository, used plants and pay-offs subtly but still kept it simple and funny. In fact, he asked if I could hold onto the pages as a guide for his own writing. Helluva compliment. Now, if I can only get accolades like that from people who could pay me...

3. They didn’t riot in LA. There were rumors that it would happen if Tookie Williams got executed. That it would lead to, as Dr. Dre once said: “Bloods, Crips on the same squad, with the Ese's thumpin, it's time to rob and mob.” But don’t worry, gangsta rappers will still find inspiration somewhere...

4. People at my job were concerned that if there were riots, they wouldn’t come to work today. And this afternoon is our office holiday party. So I guess it’s good that it’s still on. Free food and booze. But honestly, if I have to listen again to the suits give touchy-feely speeches about how much they care about everyone, when I doubt they even know the names of most of us peons, well, I might do the rioting.

5. Less than 3 weeks ‘til Christmas... songs stop playing over and over.


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