Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hey gang. Hope y’all been good. Thanks for the comments; I really missed you all too.

I was gonna further explain – if not illustrate – the reason for my hiatus. But blogging about blogging – or not blogging – isn’t the most bloggerific blogging a blogger can blog.

I’ve just been trying to do some other writing, that hopefully doesn’t repeat the same word over and over. Start some new projects, finish some old ones. Throw spaghetti strands against the wall and see what sticks. Pecan pie works better.

Speaking of projects, Bags told me eventually he’ll get his short film (featuring yours truly) on one of the internet film sites. I’ll keep you posted. This decision followed him learning that “Consumed” didn’t get into Sundance. Didn’t surprise me, but I was a little disappointed we also got passed on by Slamdance. That woulda been fun. Slamdance is the alternative festival for truly low-budget unknown works. Robert Redford hates it, ‘cause isn’t quite as hypocritical as his starfucker shindig, which calls itself independent but really serves as a showcase for A-level actors “slumming” it for SAG minimum.

Yep, every January, half of Hollywood shifts its schmooze east to Utah. Mormons and morons unite. There are usually a couple of good flicks every year, but with all the bullshit and hype I’m surprised anyone can make the distinction.

I remember several years ago when I worked for an entertainment attorney who joined the Park City pig-pile. I thought I’d have an easy week back in LA with that empty suit outta the office, but he’d call every two minutes asking if we got another fax about an agency party or talent management mixer.

Funny, I thought Sundance was about the movies. I said to Schmuck-O: “Don’t you have anything else to do while you’re there?”

“Of course,” he said. “I’m going skiing with the guys from William Morris tomorrow.”

That was the year the movie Pi won the Sundance Best Director Award. Months later, Schmuck-O was trying to sign Darren Aronofsky (who later did Requiem for a Dream). I heard him on the phone, telling Darren he thought his film was brilliant, and they should meet soon…

When he hung up, I said, “I just saw that in the theatre a few weeks ago. Did you really think Pi was brilliant? It had some interesting concepts and style, definitely innovative, but…”

“Never saw it. Think you could get me a copy of it somehow?”

Typical. I was glad Aronofsky eventually signed with someone else. But I wonder if was because that lawyer wasn’t as much of a bullshitter as Schmuck-O, or just a lot better at it.


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