Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beth asked me about my New Year’s Resolutions. Here's 3 of the big ones, and since we’re 3 days into ’06, let’s check on my progress:

1. Write more. Like a page or two a day (which is about 500 words). Well, yesterday, I brought my laptap to the coffee shop, but I met a friend and chatted the whole time instead. I should’ve transcribed our conversation just to meet my quota. But I did write 500 words on New Years Day. It wasn’t quite 50 iterations of “All work and no play makes Mike a dull boy.” But I definitely lost my momentum from before the holidays -- the 2 pages came out as if I was banging my head on the keyboard… then again, sometimes that's your best stuff. I've heard Dostoyevsky composed The Idiot that way. Today I’m at work, so, y’know, I can probably do some more -- that’s what day jobs are all about… But instead I’m blogging, which feels more like the writing equivalent of dessert to me, when I haven’t had my veggies yet…

2. Exercise more. I ran 3 miles on Sunday, and 2 this morning, and worked out yesterday. Yeah, that sounds pretty good, but let me elaborate: Sunday I cursed the fates for making it downpour on my first day of fitness training… and trudged through the rain, the water weighting down my fleece sweatshirt like a snail with a wet sponge shell on its back. To counteract my heavy haul, I worked out with the lightest weights at the gym, and between groanful reps said hi to regulars, and yes, yes, long time no see, ha-ha, you barely remember me... I get it... funny… ya insidious muscleheads… Today I prayed for rain, but alas none, so I had no excuse for running so damn slowly…

3. Be positive and not so hard on myself. How’m I doin’ so far?


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