Monday, February 13, 2006

While a Nor'easter blanketed the Atlantic seaboard with snow, here in LA, it was warm and beautiful as always. I went to photograph the sunny February beach weather, but saw I still had lotsa old random shots stored in my digital camera. I'll save the gloating for when the east gets hit with frigid Smarch weather.

This was taken just outside my apartment -- I wish all the other pricks in my building were as quiet.
I also wish this stealth shot of Santa came out better. Xmas day at the San Francisco airport, he looked like the real deal -- full gray beard, friendly face and jelly belly filling out the red suit perfectly. But would St. Nick buy a bagel with schmear from Noah's? I didn't ask him when I saw him on my flight later. Instead I said, "Giving the reindeer a rest?" He gave me a big jolly smile and a little candy cane.

My cousin in San Francisco, exhibiting her sophisticated subtle wit.

Marietta, Ohio. The purpose of this organization, I think, is just to meet and don silly hats and wacky outfits. Kinda like the United Nations. (Ba-dum crash!)

Aww, don'tcha wish Baby Gooch could stay that cute forever? Well, you can't stop time, even if you feed the kid my wristwatch.

Besides, I'm sure it doesn't taste as good as my homemade pecan and chocolate pecan pie.

Portland, Oregon. My friend Mike and his friend Mike's little girl, Hannah, a.k.a. The Blue Tongue Group. It's a bit blurry because I was trying to do something fancy with the exposure.
wix1 wix2
I've still got a lot to learn about using this digital camera, but it beats the days of borrowing my friend's grainy webcam.


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