Tuesday, May 23, 2006

“Are you packing?”

Hunh? What the hell was this cashier’s problem? Giving me a weird expression and assuming I’ve got a concealed weapon… Where would I hide it, schmuck? I’ve got on shorts and a tee-shirt. Is that what most gun-toting criminals wear? Do I look stupid enough to rob a cheap-o pharmacy like this?

Yeah, sure, why not. And while I’m pilfering money from the register, I’ll also throw a few items into my petty theft -- a bottle of water, assorted vitamins, a new toothbrush… Hey, and since I’m helping a friend who’s switching apartments, I also grabbed a few things from the moving supplies aisle -- a couple of rolls of tape and a dispenser, bubble wrap and --

Oh. That’s what he meant.

Jeez, I gotta stop reading crime novels.


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