Monday, June 26, 2006

“So, Gene, I was talking to my sister this weekend and telling her how our season’s coming to a close and how I gotta get going on looking for more work, but since my sister’s not in the entertainment field she doesn’t quite get this whole project-to-project thing so she said, ‘everyone’s gonna be outta work?’ And I said, ‘yeah, pretty much’. And she said, ‘what about that guy in your office you’ve told me about?’ And I said, ‘Gene? He got a job on another show at the network.’ So she said, ‘Well, is there work for you there too? Have you asked Gene?’ And I said, ‘I know Gene knows I’m looking for work so if there was a position available I’m sure he’d let me know.’ And she said, ‘You’re sure? Did you ask him?’ And I said I didn’t think I needed to ask him, he would tell me if there was something, but she gave me a look, so here I am asking you: Are there any positions available for me on that show you’re working on?”

“Wow. Well, Mike. You’re right--I knew you were looking and I would love to work with you again, and I don’t know of any openings there, but I’ll look into it further.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate it.”

“What position, specifically, were you looking for?”

“Uh… story editor?”


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