Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This week’s schedule:

Saturday: Birthday barbecue for friend from work. Have several mixed drinks, meet several TV celebrities, and run into an old boss from several years ago. Have a big laugh about cartoon drawn about his boss.

Sunday: Chinese food, vodka drinks and season "finale" of The Sopranos at another friend’s place. Be disappointed by the episode and the food. Booze fails to disappoint.

Monday: Season premiere party for our TV show. Except at the last minute, for budgetary reasons, the network postponed airing show for another month. Still have everyone meet at bar to screen first episode on DVD. Nothing stops an excuse for partying.

Tuesday: Attend underground 6 6 6 party. Feel not-so-surprisingly out of place. Tell everyone your black goth attire and devil outfit is still at the cleaners. Explain to Satan worshippers that you used to listen to a lot of heavy metal -- does that count?

Wednesday: Go to wrap party. Remember what happened at last season’s wrap party. Swear not to do tequila shots with scotch chasers this time.

Thursday through Monday: Pray to emerge from coma.


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