Monday, September 04, 2006

Film Geeks Dan, Henry and Mike meet to drink tequila and discuss movies:

Mike: I saw Crank this weekend. I think was the best film I’ve seen this year.

Yeah, wasn’t it awesome?

Dan: Seriously? I haven’t seen it yet.

Mike: What else was there in '06? Three good documentaries -- Why We Fight, An Inconvenient Truth, and Who Killed the Electric Car?

Henry: Right. But Eisenhower or Al Gore weren’t running through LA, forcing a doctor at gunpoint to defibrillate him so he could get knocked back into an elevator to escape the cops while sniffing nasal spray and shooting up epinephron for the adrenaline rush.

Mike: How ‘bout that scene when he has sex with his girlfriend in the middle of Chinatown?

Henry: Or when he chops the bad guy’s wrist with a butcher’s knife, then uses the severed hand, still clutching the gun, to finish him off?

Dan: Plus Mike looks a little like Jason Statham.

Mike: How many tequilas have you had?

Dan: Okay, the movie sounds pretty good. But was it better than Beerfest?

Mike: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that one.

Dan: Gotta love a film featuring the German guy from Das Boot challenging Americans to guzzle from “Das Boot”.

Henry: “We’re not that drunk!”

Mike: Haha! Man, I missed you guys.

Henry: You shoulda been here sooner. We were arguing about the best horror movie this year. I say it’s The Hills Have Eyes, but Dan liked Final Destination 3.

Mike: What about The Descent?

Henry: You liked that better? Why, because it wasn't a remake or sequel?

Mike: No, 'cause it had monsters and girls in a dark cave, spelunking through blood and entrails.

Dan: See? You missed out on a good debate. Where you been?

Mike: I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister. Our weekend outing involved my sister picking up a present for a friend’s baby shower. They were registered -- did you know people can register for baby showers? -- at Babies ‘R’ Us.

What the hell is Babies ‘R’ Us? Is that like Toys ‘R’ Us?

Mike: No. Toys 'R' Us has toys.

Dan: So, what, they sell babies?

Mike: At least that woulda been interesting. Babies ‘R’ Us has one tiny aisle dedicated to baby toys. Y’know, Elmo and Builder Bob and shit. The rest of the places is filled with strollers and diaper genies and preggos oohing over little sailor outfits and Spongebob sippy-cups.

Henry: That’s what you did all day?

Mike: No, we also got something to eat and I tried to tell the ladies about Crank, but they just wanted to talk about "Project Runway".

Henry: Too bad. Crank really was great. You’re almost right about it being the best movie this year.

“Almost” right?

Dan: There’s still a few months left. And of course, Henry gets to see lot of movies in advance.

Mike: Right, because of your job. So, what’s coming up that’s good?

Henry: Three words: Jackass Number Two.

Dan: Seriously? Even better than the first one?

Henry: Fucking hysterical.

Mike: Man, I missed you guys.


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