Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Hey Mike, this is Joe at Auto Collision Repair."
"Hey Joe, glad to finally hear from you."
"Yeah, I told you it would take about two weeks."
"Right, which is why I figured it would be at least three."
"So is my car ready?"
"Great, I’ll come by and get it."
"But there’s just one thing…"
"The windshield’s cracked, Mike."
"It wasn’t that way when I brought it in, Joe."
"I know. One of our guys did it while replacing the molding."
"The molding?"
"See, there’s this plastic molding that goes over the bumper, and as he was putting it in, he cracked the windshield."
"The front windshield?"
"But it was the rear end that was damaged."
"Uh, okay. So you’re gonna fix the windshield, too?"
"It’ll take another couple of days."
"Which really means three."
"So the car’s not ready."
"Okay. Good talking with you, Joe."


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