Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay, fine. After over a year, I finally updated the blog links in my sidebar. Too many people were switching over to some other site. Yeah, I know blogger can be a bitch sometimes, but so is remembering where everyone moved to, not to mention their stinkin’ password on wordpress or whatever. Can’t you just tell your bosses or brothers-in-law not to read this shit? Guess I don’t worry about privacy ‘cause most people I lampoon are too lazy to look me up.

I sadly dropped a few links, gladly added a few others… if you’re linked to me and would like me to reciprocate, please let me know, while I’m still in the mood to kick around computer code. Maybe one day I’ll change domains, or at least spiff up the generic graphics here, but I kinda like it this way. After over 340 posts, those who actually care still know where to find me and what to look for.

Classic MMM. Typing, griping and hyping since January 1, 2004.


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