Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad news: I’m back to working hard this week.
Good news: Why is that bad news? I like my TV gig.
Bad news: Well, I didn’t always feel that way. I was starting to get burnt out on writing raunchy rhyming quips. “Speedo / torpedo”… “Toodle-oo / Booty-do”… Please.
Good news: Yeah, but then one Friday about a month ago, the post production associate producer --
Bad news: The what? The who?
Good news: Just shut up and lemme finish. She said that she had to go back into the field for a few weeks, so I’d be filling her position in the meantime, starting Monday . That was exciting.
Bad news: True, but she also said it wasn’t definite, that I should wait to hear from the executives about this temporary promotion. And the weekend came and I heard nothing.
Good news: Which gave me a chance to describe my mood with an adjective I don’t normally get to say.
Bad news: Using the word “crest-fallen” isn’t good news.
Good news: Okay, but when I came into work on Monday, I did have the job.
Bad news: Woulda been nice if the execs had told me beforehand.
Good news: So they forgot.
Bad news: Did they forget to pay me more, too?
Good news: Maybe not. Didn’t I get my direct deposit for an extra week?
Bad news: That could’ve been a screw-up in payroll.
Good news: Sshh. In any case, it’s a great opportunity. Now I’m working closely with the editors to help put the show together. I’m more creatively involved, and feel more vital to the whole operation. Not so superfluous.
Bad news: Nice word.
Good news: See? I’m increasing my vocabulary, too. Plus, the execs and everyone’s saying I’m doing a great job, that I can do almost anything. Writing, associate producing… hell, I’m even helping out with the creative consultant work. This could be good for me in the long run. And they’ve extended this position another week.
Bad news: What position?
Good news: As post-production associate producer.
Bad news: Oh, right. So maybe I should demand more money.
Good news: Maybe. But do I have to be so recalcitrant?
Bad news: I don’t think that’s the right word. Stick with “booty-do”, wouldya?


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