Thursday, November 23, 2006

For Thanksgiving, I made my pecan pie and chocolate pecan pie as usual, with a few changes. This time, instead of buying pie crusts from the store, I made 'em from scratch. And instead of going at it alone, I had help from my girfriend. But you know what they say about too many cooks, especially when the new one insists we actually follow instructions. Instructions. Pfft. I call 'em "guidelines". Oh, and here's another difference in word choice: I say the pies will be delicious, maybe a bit... "crunchy". Adelphia calls it "overdone".

This morning, to work up our appetite for the meal, we also wanted to do a little more vigorous exercise than usual. Adelphia's not a regular runner like me, but she suggested we do a 5K race together in La CaƱada. I thought it seemed crazy to drive 25 miles just to run 3.1 miles. Instead, she joined me on a jog down the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice. And she kept up even though we went twice the distance of that race.

Now, we're both famished and ready to feast. But poor Adelphia has since been suffering from a sore knee. I'm incredibly impressed that she could do so much and still meet my family for Thanksgiving, undoubtedly exuding her usual bubbly disposition... but I'm hoping neither the pies taste nor Adelphia feels... "overdone".

Have a great holiday.


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