Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have you made your resolutions for the New Year?

I have. The list is pretty long and daunting. I gotta lotta stuff to get done in 2007. So much that I may not get to ‘em all. Like, I can’t promise I’ll blog more often, but I’ll try. Or try to try.

The things that are particularly important to me I usually do accomplish. For example, I do think I can lose the weight I’ve gained since training for my last marathon. Which may require training for another marathon. But I can do it.

The reason I feel so hopeful about the future is because I really enjoyed this last year. Hell, I was grateful enough to finally go 365 days (for the first time in 6 yrs.) without once having to visit a family member in the hospital (well, I still had to worry as one of my uncles wound up having surgery on the arteries to his legs and the other uncle had a quadruple coronary bypass, so, not quite, but… they were both back east, and turned out fine; I’ll still count it).

But I also knocked three big things off my list. In 2006, I:

1) Got outta that stinkin’ office job and landed a fun full-time gig writing for TV.
2) Finished writing my novel.
3) Met and fell in love with Adelphia, the girl of my dreams.

2006 was an excellent year, and 2007’s gonna be even better.

I hope it will for you, too. Happy New Year.


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