Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad news: Another season of our TV show is almost over.
Good news: Wrap party!
Bad news: I’ll be out of work again soon.
Good news: The clips I’m compiling for the gag reel will be hysterical!
Bad news: Yeah, yeah. Woo-hoo. What am gonna do about a job?
Good news: Gotta relax. Our show’s probably coming back for another season.
Bad news: “Probably”?
Good news: Almost definitely. It did great in the ratings and the execs are already planning the new schedule.
Bad news: Yeah, but --
Good news: Hey, we should all be proud. Most shows like this don’t do as well and last as long.
Bad news: So I should be proud to write raunchy voice-overs again?
Good news: Beats slingin’ hash or shufflin’ papers.
Bad news: Maybe I should give that professional gambling career another try.
Good news: Look, Gene the post producer said that since he’s not coming back, people in the department might get kicked upstairs, and I could be the post associate producer.
Bad news: He also said that on the other hand, our show’s boss is notorious for not promoting from within.
Good news: Right, and Gene also said he’d try to get me in over at the next gig he’s working. That would be a different show and job title for my résumé, plus it starts soon -- no unemployed hiatus -- and yet, I’d be working at the same network, still nearby, with a lot of the same people.
Bad news: Who’ve all told me secretly that that other show is poorly-run disaster.
Good news: Which got picked up for another season. Obviously they’re doing something right.
Bad news: Like possibly pay me less.
Good news: But it might pay more.
Bad news: Unlikely. In any case, what if I get hired on both shows?
Good news: What if?
Bad news: That'd be a tough decision. Do I tighten my belt and wait to do the familiar show, with a possible promotion, but likely the same old thing, displaying loyalty to my boss who may not display loyalty by promoting from within? Or do the new show right away, diversifying my résumé, while working on a rumored-to-be poorly-run disaster but possibly for more money but probably not?
Good news: That is a tough decision. Then again, what if I don't get hired on either show?
Bad news: Dude -- gotta be so pessimistic?


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