Friday, February 02, 2007

Declutterizing the chaos in my cabinets and closets, I came across a calendar of crazy pics calling for captions. Keeping this crapola is killing me, but I couldn't keep it concealed.

I used to post these a while back, and some readers were particularly clever at adding creative blurbs. I may post some more in the future, depending on how much the comments get filled up, or how much my apartment needs to be emptied...

"Don't worry. I'm sure we'll catch up to those three girls on the hares."

"Remember when we started this ride, back on the other side of the field? My fifth birthday sure was fun, huh?"

"So we got our spring break places mixed up, but who says 'Turtle Beach' isn't just as exciting as Myrtle Beach?"

Violin Guy: You can make it! Just a few more yards!

Drum Guy: Next time I run the musical-instrument-marathon, I'm carrying a piccolo.


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