Thursday, February 15, 2007

This afternoon we had a staff meeting where we discussed the ramifications of recent executive layoffs at the network -- it may or may not affect our show coming back. I was hoping to find out if I’d be getting a promotion and raise next season, now I’m just hoping there’ll be a next season. Also, I haven’t received my W-2s yet, even though the network’s payroll subcontractor swears they mailed ‘em, but they'll look into it, and possibly can’t send another set ‘til March, so I can’t do my taxes and find out if I'm getting a refund right away either.

Money, job, career… Man, I wanna know what’s what -- now.

I also wish I had won at poker the other day. That woulda been a nice supplement to my income.

Still, I did better than before -- I lasted way longer than one hand -- I played smart. But soon I got sick of waiting for a good hand and started betting big with mediocre cards. When I got wiped out, well, at least I got to go home early and get a good night’s sleep…

The guy who won at poker has done so three times in a row, and about seven times outta the last ten. I asked him how he does it -- what’s his secret? -- and perhaps his answer is advice to all these issues:

“Patience,” he said.


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