Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi, Adelphia. How’s my beautiful fiancée? How was your wedding dress shopping? Did you find anything you like? I know you went to lots of different stores, I barely saw you all weekend. Can you look up from your laptop and talk to me? What? You have to compare dress prices on the Internet? Those bridal shops are rip-offs, huh? Just to wear once and have me rip it off… Adelphia? Was that not funny or are you not listening?

So, Adelphia’s sister… How was the wedding shopping? It’s really great that you came out from New York to help. Did you also find a bridesmaid dress for you? Kinda overwhelming, huh? Think you'll have the time or energy to do anything else while you're in L.A.? Can you look up from your laptop and talk to me? What? You have to download all our CDs to your iPod for your plane ride home? And what? See if you can book an earlier flight?

Hey, Russ. Been getting blown off by all this girlie stuff lately, I had to give one of my guy friends a call. Say, wasn’t there a big game this weekend? I’m not much of football fan, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Giants were doing so well. But I heard they really had no chance against the Packers. Hey, aren’t you from Wisconsin? You must be a die-hard Green Bay fan. So who won, anyway? Russ? Hello?


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