Sunday, January 13, 2008


Adelphia: What colors should our wedding theme be?
Michael: What what should our wedding what what?
A: Our colors for our wedding. You need to have a theme for the invitations and decorations and everything. What should we have?
M: Well, it's a nice day for a... White Wedding..
A: What?
M: Sorry, I was downloading music and was considering some Billy Idol.
A: Oh, 'cause you sounded more like Kermit the Frog.
M: Hey, that's not a bad idea -- The Muppets Show theme...
A: C'mon, I need your help. What should be our color theme?
M: I dunno. Uh... red, white and blue.
A: No way.
M: Why not? It's patriotic.
A: It's also the New York Yankees team colors. I'm onto you.
M: Hey, I wonder if I can find that Joltin' Joe DiMaggio song.
A: Will you forget about the Yankees?
M: Fine, go with the Mets. Use their colors. I'll just say blue, orange and white is for the Islanders.
A: I don't look good with orange.
M: You don't?
A: It clashes with my skin tone.
M: You looked good in the pumpkin field.
A: That was 'cause of all the green.
M: Oh, well, you look good with green. It matches your eyes. Hey, Green-Eyed Lady's a decent song...
A: Well, I was thinking of blue and green.
M: Sounds good.
A: But our venue's outdoors with trees all around. There's already enough blue and green.
M: Yeah, like Kermit said, it's not easy being green. Or was that Billy Idol?
A: Will you help me? You know I'm bad at making decisions.
M: How do you think I feel? I've only got so much left on my iTunes account...
A: Alright, look, what do you think about pink and black?
M: Excellent.
A: Really?
M: I love 'em.
A: You love pink and black?
M: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath? They rule.


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