Monday, February 18, 2008

Planning a wedding is easy. Don't listen to those nuts on The Knot or the killaz on Bridezillas or that mess from Say Yes to the Dress.

You call a buncha vendors, you quickly learn which ones are weird or way too expensive, so you narrow it down to three, meet with 'em, make your decision and Boom! Book 'em, Bride-O.

My fiancée Adelphia would probably disagree since she's doing most of the discovery work; I just help with the decision. But even the stuff she's selected solo seems to follow the rule of three -- three florists to find the right one... And while she's been secretive about the wedding gown, I think she tailor-made her decision after a trio of try-outs...

Together, though, we took a look at three venues -- aboard a yacht in the Marina? Neat, but nauseous. Art nouveau rooftop downtown? Cosmopolitan, but claustrophobic. A garden by a stream in the mountains? Done and done.

Three photographers -- all talented, but we picked the one who was picture perfect for us. Three rabbis -- all mensches, but it was clear who was meant to tell us mazel tov.

This weekend we went to book our baker. I think we found confection perfection after only two selections. But did you know, when you're checking out these chefs, they let you partake in tons of tasty pastries? You sit down and they bring you plate upon plate, explaining "this is the lemon meringue, this is double chocolate, here's the banana coconut... oh, you wanna try the red velvet?" Sweet.

Screw the rule of three. We're checking out a half-dozen more. Hey, you can't rush (or sugar rush) into these decisions. Wedding planning ain't easy, y'know.


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