Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dammit... Rock climbing... $@#&%*... Bragging rights... Friggin' cute baby...

My friends invited me to go the rock climbing gym. Adelphia was invited too, but she's just not as into overcoming a fear of heights by dangling from some rope... Although, she was sorry she'd miss out on seeing our friends' baby again.

They're not gonna bring the baby, I said. Not to go rock climbing.

They brought the baby to the bar, she reminded me. These days, they bring their baby everywhere. Not that anyone could blame them -- that kid is adorable, especially in its little bunny outfit.

Yeah, but they're also cool parents, who still go out and do fun stuff, I said. The other night they wanted to stop by and tell me, "Happy birthday, and yes, we brought a baby to a bar." They hung out for a few minutes and left. But when they go rock climbing they're not gonna bring the kid. How do you think the mom lost her baby weight so fast? She didn't need to spend a fortune on a personal fitness center and trainer like J.Lo. It's from climbing walls once in a while without worrying about the wee one.

Adelphia bet me they'd bring the baby. For bragging rights.

I had already won them back -- I knew Linda Fiorentino didn't get an Oscar nomination for The Last Seduction. And I knew they wouldn't bring the baby to go rock climbing.

Well, the good news is I got to see the cute kid crawling all over the floor while we crawled up the walls. (It's only a matter of time 'til she goes vertical, like the 4-year-old I saw climbing.)

The bad news is coming home later to see Adelphia's doing what she called the Wall-Crawl Bragging Rights Disco Ball.


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