Friday, April 25, 2008

Four features of a frustrating Friday:

1. I took some work for the money, and honoring that commitment, had to pass on a fun short-term gig that just came my way.

2. This same job I’m doing may screw up the timing and impede my chances for a creative long-term gig.

3. The “Lost” podcast with Jay & Jack used to make my morning run more entertaining, but lately I can’t help but notice these guys aren’t the most knowledgeable fans, unlike The Transmission people, who didn't put up a podcast yet. Okay, so Jay & Jack didn’t know that “The Tempest” was most likely a reference to the Shakespeare play, not the ‘80s video game. Fine, they mispronounce the home state of one of their callers -- it’s “Ill-i-noy”, not “-noise”. Or calling Tunisia “Ton-YOU-see-ah”. But when they Googled Ben’s alter ego, Dean Moriarty, and only came up with Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, and not Kerouac’s On the Road character, their poor research skills was Ill-a-noying in my ears.

4. Listening to fan feedback while exercising, I could try to call myself an athletic, intellectual enthusiast, but let’s face it -- I’ve become a total “Lost” geek.


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