Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hey kids, dja miss me?

Well, to make up for a MakeMineMike-less March, I'm gonna try to do something here every day in April. That's right, every day. Come what may in May, there'll be April showers of whatever the hell I do here.

Lately what I've been doing is writing other stuff on the web. On some projects, I don't get a byline, but at least it ensures I'm anonymously anonymous. Here's one of my more pun-ditory pieces. I'd elaborate, but usually I have to bang these out fast. It's been good practice for me. Like my posts -- I usually spend way too much time trying to be uberclever and often feel a bit underwhelmed afterwards. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's the mellow response. But with comments, it ain't quantity, it's quality, ain't it?

And like my future posting plans, by increasing one, another, like grammar, might be sacrificially sacrificed.

And hey, if I don't live up to this daily day challenge, I can chalk it all up to an April Fool's joke.


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