Friday, April 11, 2008

I’m sitting outside on our patio, all set up and working on my laptop, wondering who’s gonna join me this beautiful afternoon. Will I be serenaded by the Santa Monica idol singers? Begged for attention and then blown off by Maggie the cat?

Shoulda known – one of the squirrels scampers over. He peeks out from the tree right at me, hoping I’m gonna feed ‘em, even though he’s got a peanut in his mouth. When he sees that I’m not turning my front yard into some kind of a rodent restaurant, the li’l bastard climbs up a branch right over my head, and proceeds to gnaw away, dropping peanut shells on top of me.

The passive-aggressive pest has done this before, usually with avocados that he’s plucked from one of the higher branches in the tree. So I suppose today I should feel lucky I’m not getting bombarded with half-eaten guacamole.


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