Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My mother's birthday was today. I thought I'd honor the occasion with an artwork retrospective. I've mentioned before about a still-life she did for me -- an homage to our favorite movies. As fun as it was, that was hardly her best work. My mom became a pretty good painter later in life. Now her collection of originals has been distributed throughout our family. I have several paintings -- although they won't fit in our apartment, I have to hold onto her masterpieces until I find room. I did part with the nude below because someone offered to buy it. Mom would've been proud to know she was a paid artist, albeit posthumously. Puts her in the same company as Van Gogh.
arch senorita profile
afrwoman treescene nudewoman
bluebttles vista
If I inherited any of her artistic skills, it isn't apparent in the cartoon below (click to enlarge, or click here). But I was happy to honor her accomplishment of getting a PhD, well after raising my sister and me. Her dissertation soon got published, too. Mom keeps inspiring us, even after she's gone. Now, excuse me, enough with this blogging; I gotta try to do something productive with my time already.


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